Friday, 25 November 2011

The vulnerability affects the positioning code

Last week I commented that it had detected a security breach in the functions of many thumbail WordPress templates, well, the reason for writing is that my site was affected by this malicious code and I thought I had repaired all damage caused, but I was really wrong.
A few days ago I sensed that my site had lost much of the presence he had in Google with keywords like " SEO prices "among many others, that others were giving me much of the traffic. By chance, or certainly to do it very often, I clicked on the Google cache to see what articles had been indexed and what was my surprise to see this:
It was something I had not seen since my IP and the other not out of some that Google has, so it was difficult to detect the problem at first glance.
The truth is, find out where this code has not been easy, as you see are links to sites super SPAM penalized by Google: cialis, viagra, tramadol, etc ... so I was penalized by Google linking to these sites.
After much searching and testing have gone into a folder called wp-includes and I saw that there was a file named wp-images.php not previously. Inside that file you will find yourself with a full array of encrypted code so neither are the links detectareis you seek, I've tried to comment on that file from Google Webmaster Tools and I saw that Google does not read any links in my code SPAM .
I have had to send a notice of reconsideration of my website in Google, so I'm waiting to come back where I had to be.
I hope that you will not have passed and if you happened to see if this post helps you.

The link rel = "external" are SEO friendly

Some time ago we see how widespread the use of bonds rel = "external" in wordpress. I have read many comments about how if a new Google tag equivalent to the rel = "nofollow", other than if it spreads PageRank but no value for Google, etc ...
Actually it's much easier is a new feature introduced in WordPress to load the updates target = "_blank" on all links that carry the rel = "external" as shown by the piece of code from WordPress :
externalLinks function () { 
if (document.getElementsByTagName) return; 
var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName ("a") 
for (var i = 0; i 
var anchor = anchors [i] 
if (anchor.getAttribute ("href ") & & 
anchor.getAttribute ("rel") == "external") = "_blank"; 

window.onload = externalLinks;
This makes it very easy to make all links load in a new browser page and we close our blog, but as you can see, this has nothing to do with SEO and Google ... but there is something positive and thinking is that this tag is like a rel = "nofollow" most webmasters and bloggers / as make use only of the rel = "external" in their comments so we can take advantage of this neglect to place links in the comments manuals ... that Yes, provided that you put the content is original, is now highly penalized to the copied text.

Timthumb.php vulnerability in WordPress function

It is possible that for some days you shall have detected that your thumbnails (thumbails) of your WordPress site have stopped working.
This is because Mark Maunder discovered a vulnerability in the code in timthumb.php that allowed any hacker execute PHP code exploits vulnerabilities in the folder cache that uses the library timthumb.php

Many web hosts or servers dedicated to its users have reported the problem and also have disabled the timthumb.php (especially in hostings) by placing an exit, in the first line of code.
To resolve the vulnerability must comment or delete all the domains that are in the array $ allowedSites .
Also for safety and should disable the global variable ALLOW_EXTERNAL with FALSE being this:  define ('ALLOW_EXTERNAL', FALSE);

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Valid links from Social Networking

Already some months ago that Google confirmed that in future incoming links from social networks would be incorporated into the new algorithm (Google Caffeine) to assess the rankings by keyword.

Well, Matt Cutts has confirmed in a video a few weeks ago that are already considering these links in the value of the rankings, yes, so far only are taken into account in real-time search Google.
This trial we have seen sometimes incorporated into the normal search, because it appears that some concepts for the assessment of the rankings and are well advanced.

 In fact there are many forums and blogs where webmasters have reported sudden drops in their web portals, especially if you have positioned through networks of micro-sites.

But beware of making new Black-Hat through social networks, Google has learned many previous occasions so do not take into account any link from social networks.  Forget creating fake profiles, pages and the like nonsense, it will not work.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Google Caffeine

From the new Google algorithm change, called Google Caffeine , we detected as few sites before we could believe that not so relevant, have begun to improve their position very positive.

This is because Google is now valued well above all, usability and richness and structure of the text. Google has stopped giving face value positioning to Page Rank, although many SEO unwilling to accept it, is already a reality that Page Rank does not have virtually nothing to improve your position.

Gentlemen, let us focus on the text, how it is presented to the user, how we make our website accessible, to write original text, without copies because it is the way to gain relevance with Google.

A little web accessible but with a Page Rank of 3 or 4 does not have to be at the top of Google, there are many more and now it is time that we who have believed in the logic of Google we reinforced.

Another of the best views and operation and the penalty was Google caffeine does to those web pages that take too long to load, ie those that are in your source code calls to CSS javascripts unnecessary or useless.

So now more than ever to spend all of the W3C HTML validator and monitor long load times of your projects.